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We understand what you're going through and we're here to help.

This is a very anxious and unsettling time right now. If you're a business owner whose establishment is shut down in the Jackson, MS area, you're undoubtedly...

STRESSED as your business has been forced to close its doors during this uncertain period of social distancing. And a closed business, of course, means little or no sales as customers stay home.

WORRIED about the health of your family, your community, and what 'business as usual' will look like in the future.

WONDERING if your business can survive for a potentially weeks or months-long shutdown. 

First of all, that's completely understandable. In this environment of unprecedented challenges, please take all measures to be healthy and safe.


So what are you doing right now to safeguard your livelihood, protect your business, and ready yourself for when things return to business as usual? 

What if you used this time 

            to get your business ready for more opportunities in 2020

including getting set up

with an online presence?

Now is the time to focus on the back-end of your business, to plan, and pivot to a new normal.

You're likely to not have this much time again to prep your business for success without the demands of daily operations and customer demands. This is a short-term opportunity to significantly impact the future of your business. 

What if you could...

Strengthen your marketing efforts

Sell your products and services online

or more...?

Build a consistent online presence

 Fine tune your business operations

Connect with your customers

Build a


Free help is available now, no strings attached. Click for your personalized coaching session with a local online consultant.


I'm Yoluanda.

Yoluanda Brown helps business owners scale and grow their businesses.

I'm an Online Business Manager with 18+ Years of Professional Experience.

I own and operate a small business here in Jackson, MS. As an Online Business Manager, I help business owners transform their ideas and vision into an actionable plan by providing operations, project, and team management, as well as set up online marketing systems and software to support their sales and growth.


I am offering FREE business coaching to Jackson area business owners, adversely affected by recent events, who are particularly interested in moving their operations online or upping their current online game.


I'll help you brainstorm and devise a strategy to develop an online presence, connect with your customers online, sell your products and services online, and prime your business operations for growth.

Let's have a chat about your business and your goals. I want to share my expertise as a way to give back and pay it forward.

The fact is, things are most likely to be different from now on. The business world is moving online and now is the time to pivot or be left behind. I want to help local businesses keep their operations running.

Yoluanda Brown, Online Business Manager, Magnolia & Ivy Consulting

Magnolia & Ivy Consulting is offering free business coaching to any business owner who needs it. Just click here.

What's the catch? Absolutely none. Really! I've had so many people to help me with my business over the years. Now it's my time to serve and pay it forward, especially now.


Hear more.

Book a FREE business coaching session with me. I'm looking forward to advising you on how to get creative with your business.


Yoluanda Brown

Online Business Manager

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Thank you for your interest in a free coaching session. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes and are first-come, first-served to the first 10 local business owners. If you can't make your session, as a courtesy, please cancel and reschedule. I can be reached at 708.250.1999. I am looking forward to speaking with you!