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No one knows your company, what it does, and who it serves better than you. But not everyone communicates well or persuasively – even about what they know. Your audience is craving your product but unless you know the most effective way to connect and communicate with them, it is a missed opportunity for both. Communication is your first line of connection with your customers and poor communication looks unprofessional and may even be hurting your brand and your bottom line.


At Magnolia & Ivy Consulting, we ensure your messaging best represents your business mission and goals and strengthens your existing brand. We design and develop many types of communication and marketing collateral that allow you to proudly and confidently tell your story and connect and serve your customers including:


  • Business cards

  • LinkedIn profile

  • Facebook profile

  • Instagram description

  • Website copy

  • Bids and proposals

  • Email campaigns

  • Newsletters

  • Invitations and programs

  • Brochures

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Product descriptions

  • Sales sheets

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Training materials